Qualities, commitments and process for joining the Amazon Ecology Board of Directors


The non-profit Center for Amazon Community Ecology (dba Amazon Ecology) was founded in 2006 to create sustainable livelihoods for forest peoples, build strong communities and establish resilient forests in the Amazon region.  Our main strategies are helping artisans from 18 indigenous and campesino communities in the Peruvian Amazon to make innovative fair-trade handicrafts, form effective associations to market their crafts, and promote the sustainable management of chambira palm trees used to make woven crafts.

Amazon Ecology is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and sells its Peruvian partners’ crafts in the US at retail stores, special events and online. We reinvest part of our net sales to support health, education and conservation needs in our partner communities in Peru. We collaborate closely with our NGO partner Amazon Ecology (Peru) to conduct our artisan training and reforestation programs and cooperates with our sister company Garza Viva to manage craft purchases, sales in Peru and craft exports from the country.

Qualities and commitments for Amazon Ecology board members

Amazon Ecology is seeking new board members to create a sustainable enterprise in the US to continue supporting our program work in Peru and grow the market for our artisan partners’ crafts in the US and beyond. 

Below are some areas of experience and skills we seek to find in new members.  We do not expect that every board member will have experience in all of these areas.

Below are our expectations for new board members

Process for joining the Amazon Ecology board

Thank you very much for your interest.