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This unique fair-trade ornament represents the lineated woodpecker from Peru - a relative of the large pileated woodpecker from North America that make large holes in old trees.  It will look great hanging on your Christmas tree, rear-view mirror or adding a colorful touch to another part of your home.

This ornament was woven with chambira palm fiber by a native Amazon artisan. The sale of these ornaments supports forest conservation and helps meet local needs in traditional communities in Peru.

These woodpeckers were made artisans from the villages of San Francisco on the Maranon River and Brillo Nuevo on the Ampiyacu River. Each ornament comes with a tag listing the name and home of the artisan who made it and the plants used to make it.

Please remember that each craft was handmade so its exact design may vary from the photo shown of this model. 

Model: ORB014

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