Chocolate Sundae Decorative Basket - Fair Trade and Hand Woven by Peruvian Amazon Artisan

This beautiful basket is woven from natural Chambira palm fibers by a  skilled artisan from the village of Chino on the Tahuayo River in Peru. It is adorned with black seeds from Achira lilies and little red seeds from a legume tree called Huayruru. 

It makes a lovely trinket basket to set on a dresser or nightstand, or a perfect spot to perch some jewelry. It also makes a perfect wall hanging alone or mixed with a few other baskets to make a striking accent wall. 

 Your purchase helps ensure fair wages for the artisans who make these gorgeous handicrafts in addition to helping preserve the rainforests by promoting crafts made with sustainable resources. 

  • Brown and Cream Palm fibers are beautifully woven together
  • Comes with a convenient hanging loop on the back
  • Comes with a tag with the name of the artisan who created it

These baskets were handmade by different artisans so the exact design may vary from the photo shown for this model.

Model: WB248