Bora native pattern chambira palm fiber bracelets

This natural boho-style fair-trade bracelet will connect you in style to the Peruvian Amazon.  Here are the main features of this hand-made bracelet:

- Hand-Made by a Bora native artisan with natural chambira palm fiber

- The horizontal bar design is inspired by the pattern of the "naca naca" (coral snake) which the Bora find in their rainforest. We offer three distinct color combinations.

- The five earth tone color style is made with natural plant dyes from artisan backyard garden and forest plot.  One model is 1" wide; the narrow style is 1/2" wide.

- Main section is 7" long.  All models have sections of chambira chord to tie around your wrist or ankle at the most comfortable length.

- Could be attractive as a bracelet or anklet.

Model: BR0043344 (narrow), BR0043345 (wide), BR0044135, BR0044145