Handmade Open Square Crochet Stitch Chambira Backpack from the Peruvian Amazon

This boho style chambira backpack was handwoven by an artisan native to the Peruvian Amazon. Made with natural and durable chambira palm fiber, this stylish, summery, open weave square crochet stitched bag is a unique piece.  It features earthy green and brown stripes set on a natural ivory chambira background, has a large huayruru bead button enclosure and has tassels that are also chambira fiber. Huayruru beads are known in the Amazon to bring the wearer good luck.  This backpack is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It was crocheted by Puca Urquillo Bora artisans from the Ampiyacu region. 

A tag lists the artisan's name and community and the plants they used to make it. Please note that each handmade bag may vary from the photo shown.

Model: BP09004