Woven butterfly hair clip barrettes and hat fascinators

These clips will provide a striking accent from nature to your hair, hat, or lapel.  It is beautifully made with chambira palm fiber by one of the most talented artisans in the Peruvian Amazon.  Current models include the blue-banded morpho, scarlet peacock, green-banded urania, and the iconic monarch butterfly that exemplifies the wonder of nature and the risk of tropical deforestation.

The top of these barrettes are woven with natural chambira palm fiber harvested from the artisans' forest fields.  The quality clip is easily squeezed open and clamped onto your hair, hat, or clothing.

These designs are also available in flat barrettes and pony tail barrettes.

Please remember that each hand made craft is unique and may vary slightly from the photo of the model shown in this listing.

Models: EBTI025, EBTI026, EBTI027, EBTI035, EBAI025, EBAI027